Design for [Everyone]

Our team believes that as a community of bloggers, in order to thrive and grow, alongside with leaders in our companies, then we must take care of body equally as our minds. Our psyche, mental health, physical body, soft and hard skills must be equal in attention, quality, and all must be valued accordingly. Our aim is to openly motivate and enhance each other’s lives. We post weekly articles around three main categories: Easy-living, Technology, and Book Reviews. We, humans, are a combination of skills, spirit, and motivational drive that drive us forward to align our personal growth with our professional paths. 

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About Rhoda

I’m a techie and a yogini who created this blog because I strongly believe in good universal design and that must be produced for all.

I’m a traveler and I live to explore culture, cuisine, food, art, and design. I’m a universal student who thrives on travel and personal expansion. My daily job is a product designer and researcher who works as a content strategist in the animation/entertainment industry in Los Angeles. I’ve collaborated with teams from tech companies, startups, as well as companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, and DreamWorks Animation.

I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York, and I’ve lived overseas in Egypt with my parents and siblings for seventeen years, from 1996 to 2013, so the technology boost happened while I was overseas.

The Arab Spring was initiated by users speaking out on Twitter and using social media platforms to express their anger and concerns. I knew that from then on technology platforms are a source of inspiration for those who want to make a change in this world and share their voices.

In 2011, I got this personal calling that I had to leave and return to my hometown Brooklyn, NY. While I lived overseas, I would visit the United States almost every year and kept ties with my extended family and friends.

Design, for me, is about inclusivity, it engulfs our physical and digital products that surround our lives.

With this blog my goal here is to share streams of consciousness around technology and mindful practices of staying present in a chaotic world.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Anthropology, from City University of New York, where I was taught by the best Anthropologists in their space of technology to document human-cultural behavior and understand the influences of technology.

I’m fascinated by meditation practices, bringing cultures together through foods, languages, and our vast world of technology.

Before becoming a User Experience Designer and software researcher five years ago, I’ve worked as a policy researcher at a U.S. immigration law firm in NYC for over seven years which lead me to expand on a whole new world of technology and digital user interface.

My hopes with the Design for [Everyone] blog is to build a community that shares diverse points of view about design and how effective mindfulness can be when we integrate these practices in our lives. Good user experience should a mode of living not just for using mobile apps or websites but for every small interaction we make.

We hope you enjoy reading this blog!
– The Design for [Everyone] Team.