Our Mission

The Design for [Everyone] team, believes that as a community, in order to thrive and make sure your team is growing alongside with our leaders, then we must take care of body equally as our minds. Our psyche, body, and skills are equal in quality and all must be valued accordingly.

We, humans, are a combination of skills, spirit, and motivation that drive us forward to align our personal growth with our professional paths. This is the mission of this blog, to openly motivate and enhance each other’s lives.  

Rhoda Ismail

Exploring and Wandering in Storm King, NYC

Exploring and Wandering in Storm King, NYC

I’m a techie and yogini who created this platform because I strongly believe in good universal design that is produced for all. I’m a universal student who thrives on travel and expansion. Originally from Brooklyn New York, I moved to Egypt with my family when I was ten years old and became an Anthropologist who documents human-cultural behavior with technology. I’m fascinated by meditation, food, culture, language, and technology. I’ve worked as a policy researcher at an immigration law firm in NYC for over seven years that lead me to expand on a whole new world of technology and digital interface.

I’m a product designer based in Los Angeles, my full-time role is being the co-founder of Array Design Studios, and our mission is bridging the gap between different design industries and teaching our kids that good design connects to all aspects of life.

My second role is building a community here at Design for [Everyone] by sharing diverse points of view on design and how we can integrate mindfulness in our lives.

Our goal is to confirm that user experience is a method of living not just while using mobile apps or websites.

Our categories in this blog are: Easy Living – Technology – Projects – Book Reviews.

We review content and interview influential folks who have created awesome tools for better living. I hope you enjoy reading this blog!