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Introduction: Design for [Everyone].

Introduction: Design for [Everyone].

Sharing original notes in a cluttered technological world. The goal is to live mindfully and to stay present.

Our brand, Design for [Everyone], shares insights on how to survive life when things become overwhelming. Our intention is sharing topics on inclusivity and accessibility in a modern-tech driven world.

I’m Rhoda Ismail, the owner of this blog, and my goal is to build a community of mindful individuals to help and support each other grow and understand what matters in our current world.

Most of these articles are personal views and accounts as a user experience designer and user researcher across multiple industries across the past seven years. I’ve worked with startups, corporate settings, and government contracts to figure out what brings users closer to products.

A ton of current worldly problems are questions related to climate change, ethics and data. I want to explore with my fellow readers how we can pave the way for a better world to get closer to our goals and understand how to allow technology to work for and not against us.

My small team and I want to create awareness through observation in our busy days. Our theme is to talk about universal topics and share insights from people who’ve worked in design.

We are trying to go back to the basics and reconcile with original innovators from the 20th century who shaped the future of products and played a role in moving designs forward.

The purpose of this blog is to cultivate awareness in a world where we can observe and take part in fixing current universal design problems.


Introspection is a journey I am dedicated to. I began self-reflecting on myself consistently and never gave up on the bad days, and I’m here to share with how you can achieve that too. We are wired to always work and produce as we talk down to ourselves in between the process. The name of the blog is an introspection on where we are in the world of designing for nations that have no access to clean water, permanent electricity, basic human rights, or equal women’s rights. 

Universal Design

Accessibility is a topic that also happens as an addition to the original conversation. But that is wrong because a lot of us need access to easier and more facilitated products, that is never the user’s fault. It’s on the product owner to draw that in mind before scaling to the public. Things happen suddenly to us and we should be prepared. Accessibility is the core of this conversation. Problems could come from a software that gets many customer call complaints, to a physical product that is being used in the market but could do drastically better, from a product experience point of view.

My goal is to share my voice on a platform we all can communicate with and learn from.

I love talking to my users at my job to understand problems around products. I can also pick up a conversation with anyone who has the time and is willing. We need each other as humans living in diverse communities who are constantly stimulated by digital devices. Our team aims to fix a range of problems and discuss them with industry and thought leaders.

If you’re a nerd like me, or an inquisitive person, I hope you find the topics and content on Design for [Everyone] interesting. Thanks for reading. Please send us your thoughts, topic suggestions, shoutouts on social platforms, and if you’d like to write with us, click below to connect with our team.

Hi. I'm Rhoda

Hi. I'm Rhoda