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Earth Day Week

Earth Day Week


Our aim as a global community that deeply cares about each other, is to grow together through mindfulness.

We are living in times with unprecedented rates in climate change as humanity experiences tough challenges in history.

Technology is like a beast standing in the middle of a worldly battle, and as humanity, we have a responsibility that is bigger than anyone of us.

I believe that technologists, in a sense are at the frontline of defense to solve all the world’s gravest problems.

We are living through times where laws are lingering behind and technology is spearheading laws, and outperforming dated regulations and constitutions founded in the 1800s.

Climate change is affecting every aspect of our social, political, personal, and physical lives. High temperatures and sea level risings are causing detrimental harm to our planet and we should stand in unity as a global governance and global citizens to our one and only home, our planet Earth.

Inclusivity is the main goal for this blog – to bloom into topics on climate, technology, social norms, personal development, and other diverse and multi-disciplinary themes.

Everyone is welcomed here, I post weekly updates on personal insights and intakes on life as a technology product designer, an entrepreneur, a researcher, and as a life-student.

We finally as a society and generation have the tools to speak our truths on open platforms and highlight the inequality of distribution of democracy, wealth, healthcare, and education around the world. 

When we put people first, we become more aware of where we are and what needs fixing. This naturally enhances industries and businesses as well.

As a researcher in the field of design, my mission is to ask the tough questions and figure out what is lacking in product design that could spread to social awareness. 

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Design For All – The Intentionality Behind Good Designs

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